Peace Building and Reconciliation Program

Founded in 1998, Africa Peace Point has gained extensive experience in peace building and reconciliation initiatives in kenya and on the Horn of Africa. This instability stems from a variety of factors including weak government; ethnic, religious and political divisions; large populations of unemployed and unengaged youth; and depressed or declining economic opportunities. Working on reconciliation is critical for peace building and conflict prevention as it focuses on (re)building and transforming relationships damaged by violent conflict and oppression. Unless action is taken to repair harm resulting from past violence, and to work toward a fair and interdependent future, peace will remain elusive. This briefing paper distils learning from the extensive available research and practice on coming to terms with the legacies of past violence and the complex subject of reconciliation. It provides explanations, diagrams, suggestions and examples for policymakers and practitioners working on reconciliation in conflict-affected contexts or considering such work. We believe that conflicts can be avoided through mediation and by bringing together opposing sides to resolve a dispute.

Peace Building and Reconciliation Program

Effective early warning systems have been widely recognized as worthwhile and necessary investments and, coupled with early response and better preparedness; they help in increasing stability […]

Capacity Building and Training

Supporting communities to rebuild relationships that have been fractured through training peace-building professionals with the requisite skills and techniques for long term conflict prevention and managementDelivering […]

Community Research

Focus of our research: We are committed to tackling the societal, political and economic challenges which arise in the context of conflict management with interdisciplinary approaches […]

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation is all about learning from what you are doing and how you are doing it, and taking action to adjust your strategy accordingly. […]

Mediation and Facilitation

When challenges exists, whether among management or between divisions,  collaborative conflict management is essential to address interpersonal issues and set up sustainable agreements. This is where […]

Projects and Programs

We provide a well-structured, context-aware and standardized approach to project management.